Welcome to Polyphony!

Founded in 1978 to provide superior copies of rare classical LP's to classical collectors worldwide, Polyphony is now celebrating over thirty-six years of serving customers across the United States, as well as in dozens of countries overseas.

Pre-recorded reel-to-reel tapes were added as part of our standard offerings in the early 1980’s, and Polyphony catalogs sometimes also include such other musical material as CD’s, 78-rpm records, books on musical subjects, record catalogs, magazines, and musician autographs. Polyphony’s catalogs include material from all classical areas:

  • Audiophile
  • Opera
  • Vocalists
  • Chamber
  • Orchestral
  • Great Conductors & Instrumentalists
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What Polyphony Sells

  • LP's
  • Reel-to-Reel Tapes
  • CD's
  • Books on Musical Subjects

How Polyphony Sells

Polyphony offers recordings in two different ways:

Auctions: Polyphony publishes auction catalogs of 1,500+ items every two or three months. These are available either via conventional mail or via download from this website, either as a .pdf file or a Microsoft Word document. To read more about Polyphony’s auctions, refer to About Auctions. To view the current auction, or to request a copy of the next auction catalog when available, visit the download auction page.

Fixed price listings: From time to time, Polyphony also posts listings on the website of recordings which are available for immediate shipment on a first-come, first-served basis. If a fixed price listing is currently on this website, by all means peruse it! If not, and you would like to be informed when a new listing is posted, just let me know (Contact Us)

New Customers

Please feel free to explore the website, look at the current catalog, or request a catalog. Thank you for your visit!

Lawrence H. Jones, Proprietor