Selling To Polyphony

Long-Playing Records: Almost all of the records in Polyphony’s stock come from large Chicago-area collections which I have been able to examine, cull, and transport in person. If you live near Chicago, and have classical recordings in fine condition which are gathering dust, by all means contact me!

Because condition issues are so very important, and because such a substantial proportion of LP’s now are quite common and not of significant commercial value (despite artistic excellence!), it is generally not practical for me to purchase collections which come from any great distance from Chicago.

Pre-Recorded Reel-to-Reel Tapes: Because reel-to-reel tapes have fewer condition problems and are easier to ship, I very often purchase collections of tapes from all over the United States. My offers include the cost of shipping the tapes to me, and in the case of substantial collections I am also happy to provide excellent, sturdy shipping boxes at no cost to the collector as part of my offer. If you have open-reel tapes (of any genre - not just classical) to which you are no longer listening and for which you would like to find a new home, please let me know!